CEG Exhibition Proposals


Through BAM's Community Education exhibitions, we celebrate and nurture the community by featuring student work and exhibits that promote educational enrichment and cultural awareness. The Community Education Gallery is open during regular Museum hours and is free to the public.

Exhibitions in the Community Education Gallery are organized and curated by the Bellevue Arts Museum Education staff. Contact: Erin Cotton, Education Manager, [email protected].



No later than 6 months in advance of the requested open date, please submit the following to Erin Cotton, Education Manager, [email protected]:

  • Name of organization/school

  • Main contact's (exhibition organizer's) name, phone, email

  • Mission of organization

  • Proposed title of exhibition

  • Two-paragraph statement about the exhibition/works

  • One to two sentences on how the exhibitions relates to the BAM mission

  • Preferred dates of display at BAM (2 – 3 months)

  • Estimated number of artworks

  • Largest dimension of artwork (estimate)

  • Finishing and display needs

  • Four or five sample images (jpeg) of artworks and/or installation at other locations. Ideally of work that would actually be part of exhibition. If this has yet to be created, other work comparable in quality to what will be displayed in Museum is acceptable.


Expectations & Responsibilities

BAM requests that each organization have one (and only one) representative who will work with Bellevue Arts Museum. This representative’s responsibilities include:

  • Submitting an exhibition proposal (form provided by BAM) no later than six (6) month in advance of requested open date.

  • Coordination with individual artists.

  • Procurement of artwork and development of exhibition.

  • Providing the Museum with a complete image checklist of exhibition artworks (template provided by BAM).

  • Ensuring all artwork is “ready to hang or display” (guidelines provided by BAM)

  • Delivery and pick-up of artwork to/from the Museum 

    • All artwork should be delivered at the same time

    • All artwork must have liability waivers and photo releases signed by each artist for each artwork. BAM will provide appropriate forms

  • Providing the Museum with main wall text to accompany exhibition.

  • Assistance with installation day(s) and de-installation day(s)

  • Costs of food and beverage for an opening reception.

  • Assisting with publicity for exhibition in coordination with education staff and Museum marketing



When should submit my proposal?

We request that all proposals be submitted to Erin Cotton, Education Manager, no later than 6 months in advance of requested date. The earlier, the better. Spring and summer display times tend to book a year or more in advance.

When may we display?

Availability is dependent on other CEG displays and is determined by the Education Manager. Most displays last 2 – 3 months.

How many artworks may we display?

The Community Education Gallery has two walls (100 sq. ft., 130 sq. ft.) and a small floor space (900 sq. f). of display space. Most displays have 20 – 30 artworks, depending on sizes and display needs. The Museum can display 2D works on the walls, 1 – 5 pedestals for larger 3D objects, and/or wall cases for smaller objects (e.g. jewelry).


Other Considerations

  • The works in our education exhibitions are not insured.

  • Artists/participants and/or school will need to sign a waiver of liability and a photo release form.

  • A strong proposal should align with the Museum’s mission and focus on craft and/or design. The strongest proposals relate to mission and often to a current display in the main galleries.

  • Strong shows are cohesive thematic exhibitions—beyond “The Works of Drawing 101”

  • A proposal in the form of a specific class project where there is a unifying element to their work would be best.


Community Education Gallery Disclaimer

The Community Education Gallery at Bellevue Arts Museum exists to celebrate and highlight arts education and the community. Displaying in the Community Education Gallery is not equivalent to having an exhibition at Bellevue Arts Museum. Individual artists and organizations must be aware of the distinction and are not to state they have exhibited at Bellevue Arts Museum on resumes, CVs, or other lists of accolades and accomplishments. They may list having work as part of the named display in the Community Education Gallery at Bellevue Arts Museum.