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Bellevue Arts Museum

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Engaging people in the power of art, craft, and design.



We provide thought provoking and important programs for a culturally diverse community.




We are committed to creating an environment that supports freedom of artistic expression, inviting and embracing diverse and wide-ranging perspectives.



We strive for quality, relevance and authenticity throughout the organization; our exhibitions, programming and people.



We conduct ourselves with the highest levels of professionalism and ethical behavior.



We actively explore new ideas and creativity to expand our understanding of the world.



Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement

The goals of creative expression through art, craft, and design are strengthened and enriched by those who bring diverse experiences and views to their work, which is at the very core of our ability to serve our culturally diverse community.

Bellevue Arts Museum is committed to creating an environment that supports freedom of artistic expression and invites and embraces diverse and wide-ranging perspectives. The Museum’s vision is to provide thought-provoking and important exhibitions and programs that open important conversations in our community. We are not afraid to engage audiences in difficult and challenging debate. Whether our curators and artists are exploring racial bias, capital punishment, gender, addiction, homelessness, or global waste, our exhibitions seek to provoke discourse, which can often be uncomfortable and disturbing but always enlightening. Embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion is a vital aspect of being a vibrant cultural asset for the region.

Equitable practices ensure that diversity of population and thought are represented, respected, and valued in our exhibitions and programs. We will lead by example and work diligently to advocate for the changes that will improve our museum to ensure that the visitor experience reaffirms the Museum’s values and commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We are committed to providing a workplace free of racism, harassment, discrimination, retaliation, and disrespectful or other unprofessional conduct, whether intended or unintentional. Racism in any form is unacceptable, and our actions speak louder than words.

We are committed to transparency, accountability, and to keeping our community informed as we continue on this journey. If you’d like to read more about BAM’s efforts related to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion work, you can review the Museum’s Quarterly DEI reports here 


Land Acknowledgement

Bellevue Arts Museum acknowledges that we are on the Indigenous Land of Coast Salish peoples who have reserved treaty rights to this land, specifically the Duwamish (dxʷdəwʔabš) and Snoqualmie Indian Tribe (sdukʷalbixʷ). We thank these caretakers of this land who have lived, and continue to live, here since time immemorial.



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BAM is one of few museums that grew out of an art fair. Started by a handful of dedicated volunteers, the first fair was held in 1947 and eventually led to the founding of the Museum in 1975. After undergoing a series of transformations, BAM opened the doors to its first permanent home, designed by renowned architect and Washingtonian Steven Holl, in 2001. Exclusively dedicated to art, craft, and design since 2005, the Museum has grown to be an important contributor to the region's cultural vibrancy and a leading institution in its field. The Bellevue Arts Museum Art Fair continues to be a core community program, celebrating its 77th anniversary in 2023.

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