Cut Up/Cut Out

Cut Up/Cut Out

Cut Up/Cut Out

"Throughout this invigoratingly eclectic show, there’s as much to appeal to the mind as to the eye." -The Seattle Times


Cut Up/Cut Out is an exhibition of national and international artists who explore the captivating methods of decorative piercing and cutting, using a wide range of media from paper and plastic to metal and rubber. The transformative nature of cutting into and through a surface provides endless possibilities for converting the material from opaque to transparent, from flat to sculptural, from rigid to delicate, and from ordinary to exquisite. The process and precision required for this method of art-making is laborious, technically demanding, and always astonishing. 

The art of cutting paper dates back thousands of years, with early artworks coming from 6th century China. Originally a decorative handcraft for women, Chinese paper-cutting eventually expanded into rural areas, becoming a staple at religious ceremonies and festivals. By the 14th century, paper-cutting spread to the rest of the world bringing in a new wave of folk art traditions. Cut Up/Cut Out honors both innovation and tradition with a selection of over 50 artists representing diverse styles and techniques.


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James Allen 
(Portland, OR)

Ana Bidart
(Mexico City, Mexico)

Lucrezia Bieler 
(Zurich, Switzerland)

Tord Boontje 
(London, UK)

Nathalie Boutté 
(Montreuil, France)

Claire Brewster 
(London, UK)

Robert Brinker 
(Denver, CO)

 Rogan Brown 
(Nimes, France)

Sarah Burgess 
(San Francisco, CA)

Michael Buscemi 
(San Jose, CA)

 Charles Clary
(Conway, SC)

Adriane Colburn 
(San Francisco, CA)

 Wim Delvoye
(Brighton, UK)

Lorenzo Durán 
(Guadalajara, Spain)

Mounir Fatmi
(Tangier, Morocco &
Paris, France)

Hillary Waters Fayle
(Richmond, VA)

Adam Feibelman
(San Francisco, CA) 

Carmen Lomas Garza
(San Francisco, CA)

Margaret Griffith
(Los Angeles, CA)

Mayumi Hamanaka 
(Richmond, CA)

Adriene Heloise 
(Oakland, CA)

Meg Hitchcock
(Brooklyn, NY)

Justine Khamara 
(Melbourne, Australia)

Kyong Ae Kim
(San Francisco, CA)

Will Kurtz
(Brooklyn, NY)

Lauren Kussro 
(Indianapolis, CA)

Cal Lane
(Montreal, Canada)

Bovey Lee
(Los Angeles, CA)

Simone Lourenco 
(New York, NY)

Karen Margolis 
(New York, NY)

Chris Natrop 
(Los Angeles, CA)

Amy Oates 
(Oakland, CA)  

Francesa Pastine 
(San Francisco, CA)

Irène Pijoan 

Nikki Rosato 
(Washington, D.C.)

Donna Ruff
(Miami, Florida)

Rob Ryan
(London, UK)

Lyndi Sales 
(Cape Town, South Africa)

Gabriel Schama
(Oakland, CA)

Brian Singer
(San Francisco, CA)

Andrew Singleton 
(Wakefield, UK)

Xin Song
(New York, NY)

Jen Stark
(Los Angeles, CA)

Jana Syvänoja
(Helsinki, Finland)

Yuken Teruya
(New York, NY)

Kako Ueda
(Brooklyn, NY)

Annie Vought
(Oakland, CA)

Mark Wagner
(Charlotte, NC)

Maude White
(Hudson Valley, NY)

 Barbara Wildenboer 
(Cape Town, South Africa)

Ty Zemelsky 
(Durham, CT)

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Exhibition Credit & Sponsors

Cut Up/Cut Out was organized by Carrie Lederer, Curator of Exhibitions, Bedford Gallery, Lesher Center for the Arts, Walnut Creek, CA. The local presentation of this exhibition is guest curated by Benedict Heywood.

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