Brain Injury Art Show

Brain Injury Art Show

Presented by the Brain Injury Alliance of Washington

The Brain Injury Alliance of Washington (BIAWA) is a nonprofit organization with a mission to increase public awareness, support, and hope for those affected by Brain Injury through education, assistance, and advocacy. Just a few of the many services provided free-of-charge are Washington Brain Injury Resource Center, resource management, brain health and wellness classes, and support services that build community and provide opportunities for survivors of brain injury to enjoy social activities.

Most of us will be impacted by a Brain Injury at some point in our lives, whether it happens to ourselves or someone we know. The Brain Injury Art Show, and other events hosted by BIAWA, is important not only because it provides an opportunity for survivors of Brain Injury to connect with each other as artists, but also because it allows BIAWA to educate our community and build awareness.

Every piece displayed was created by an artist whose life was forever changed by an accident or condition that led to what’s known as an “invisible disability”—something that can’t be seen and is often misunderstood or ignored. Art is a vital form of expression to the participants, as many employ art as a therapeutic tool in their recovery process.

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