Preston Wadley’s upcoming BAM exhibition explores the themes of race, identity and history

January 10, 2023
Janus in the Mourning, 2015; American Kintsugi, 2022; The Eyes of Rita, 2021; Photos: Courtesy of the artist

January 10, 2023
Contact: Priyanka Parmanand
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Abstract Truth by Preston Wadley is on view at Bellevue Arts Museum February 25 – October 08, 2023.

Bellevue, WA—Bellevue Arts Museum is pleased to present Abstract Truth by Preston Wadley. The exhibition opens at BAM on February 25, 2023.

Abstract Truth features art books and photographs by Preston Wadley, focusing on the themes of race, identity, local history, and the history of photography. The work is evidence of change, of historical revision and reflection on the connection to what has already been and an ever-evolving present. Wadley encourages viewers to engage with his work on more than just a visual level. Each book tells a story, and he wants you to listen. 

“Abstract thinking is the ability to understand concepts that are real, such as truth, freedom or anxiety, but are not directly tied to physical objects and experiences. In other words, abstract thinking is the ability to absorb information and make connections to an expanded world. A primary goal of my art is to catalyze this type of intellectual activity as one engages the work.” –Preston Wadley, from his Artist Statement

This exhibition is organized by Bellevue Arts Museum and Preston Wadley.

Exhibition Sponsors: Microsoft, 4Culture, Laura Dillaway,  ArtsWA, City of Bellevue, Cathay Bank, and ArtsFund. Media Partners: KCTS 9 and The Seattle Times

Bellevue Arts Museum is generously supported by its donors and members.


Preston Wadley is Professor Emeritus of Fine Arts at Cornish College of the Arts, a beloved art educator and longstanding member of the local artistic scene, having taught in the area’s oldest art school. His incorporation of photography into book arts is both technically unique and conceptually rich; he is a philosopher at heart. This will be Wadley's most comprehensive solo exhibition to date.

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