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Experience all that Bellevue Arts Museum has to offer without leaving your house! Although BAM’s galleries are once again open to the public, we know that capacity restrictions and limited open hours may make it difficult for some of our friends and neighbors to visit the Museum in person. That’s why we’ve created two free 3D tours of our building and current exhibitions. A 3D tour may not be the perfect substitute for being at the Museum in-person, but we're pleased to have a way to share the important work on view at BAM with community members and friends near and far. Curator talks about the individual works in our Forum and meet-the-artist videos can be found on our BAM from Home page.




Hover over the blue circles to learn more about the individual works on view.

Hover over the yellow circles to watch a video about the exhibition or specific work.


Third Floor

Go right to BAM's third floor to explore works from throughout Northwest painter Alden Mason's career in Fly Your Own Thing




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Admissions revenue helps make BAM's exhibitions possible. Due to our recent COVID-19 closures, we have experienced substantial losses in this area. Please consider making a donation to support our work in the community.




Did you miss a past 3D Tour?

Explore past exhibitions virtually on our 3D Tours Archive page.



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