Located on the third floor, the Court of Light Sculpture Garden showcases a changing group of large-scale works by regional, national and international artists. Native tall grasses, chosen for their sturdy, yet ever-changing and poetic nature, add to the dynamic outdoor setting. Originally designed by Washington architect Steven Holl, the Court of Light's north wall follows the curve of the 48th parallel and allows people to watch the sun trace the arc of the wall during the summer solstice.

Featured Artists

Squire Broel
Rising to Liberty, 2012
Cast bronze, polychrome patina, gold leaf
Courtesy of the artist

Deborah Butterfield
Derby Horse, 1985
Cast bronze
Anderson Collection

Mark Calderon
Madrina, 2001
Cast bronze with patina
Courtesy of the artist; Nancy Hoffman Gallery, New York; and Greg Kucera Gallery, Seattle

Ann Gardner
Petal, 2013
Glass, concrete, steel
Courtesy of the aritst

Jamie Walker
Pietà, 2012
Ceramic, auto enamel
Courtesy of the artist and Traver Gallery, Seattle

Court of Light Sculpture Garden

Court of Light Sculpture Garden


Partial support for the Court of Light Sculpture Garden provided by Robert Edson Swain Architecture + Design.