Atoms + Bytes: Redefining Craft in the Digital Age

March 4 – June 26, 2016

"Anything feels possible—and many of those possibilities are on delightful display in [Atoms + Bytes]" –The Seattle Times

Today's makers have access to a wider array of tools, materials, and processes than ever before. Digital methods such as scanning and imaging, coding, CNC-milling, and rapid prototyping not only influence the way objects are designed, manufactured, and distributed, but also affect our relationships with them.

Atoms + Bytes: Redefining Craft in the Digital Age showcases works by international and local makers situated at the intersection of the digital and the analogue worlds. These artists, craftspeople, and designers excel in material practices that span millennia of craft traditions, while drawing on digital tools to develop innovative ways of making. The integration of these atoms and bytes, building blocks of matter and information, generates the new forms and typologies that shape our changing world.

Through the presentation of works that embody mergers of traditional and digital processes and materials, Atoms + Bytes reframes the conversation about the place of technology within the historical trajectory of object-making and offers an invitation to reevaluate the way we place value on craft and define "hand-made."

Faig Ahmed, Azerbaijan John Balistreri, USA
Doug Bucci, USA Adam Chau, USA
Emily Cobb, USA Michael Eden, UK
Yael Friedman, Israel Front Design, Sweden
gt2p (Good Things to People), Chile Tobias Klein, Germany/UK/Hong Kong
Joris Laarman, Netherlands Aaron Levine, USA
Ligorano/Reese, USA Studio*Mrmann/Geoffrey Mann, Scotland
Anna Mlasowsky, Germany/USA Rael San Fratello, USA
Unfold and Tim Knapen, Belgium Norwood Viviano, USA
Marcel Wanders, Netherlands Tammy Young Eun Kim, South Korea/USA
Gwendolyn Zierdt, USA Amit Zoran, Israel


Emily Cobb, USA
Dry Up; The Garden Snake 2015
Nylon, dye, acrylic

Photo: Emily Cobb

Atoms + Bytes: Redefining Craft in the Digital Age is organized by Bellevue Arts Museum and curated by Jennifer-Navva Milliken. This exhibition was supported, in part, by an award from 4Culture.

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